Collection: Endless Summer Scented Candle Collection

Introducing the Endless Summer Collection, our newest scented candle collection inspired by the serene and picturesque vacation spots we love.

Each candle in this collection is handcrafted with care and features a unique fragrance blend that captures the essence of a specific beach destination like the Islamorada, which represents the Florida Keys or the Honokohau, inspired by the beaches of Kona Hawaii.

Imagine the soft, salty breeze of the Florida Keys, the warm and sunny scent of Hawaii, or the fresh, the warm beechwood smell of Montauk, or the crisp air of the Pacific Northwest.

These candles are perfect for bringing the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere of your favorite beach vacation spot into your home.

Whether you want to unwind after a long day or simply create a cozy ambiance, our beach-inspired candle collection is the perfect choice. So, light up your favorite scent and let the memories of your past beach vacations wash over you.

Brooklyn Wax Endless Summer Collection