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Brooklyn Wax

One Life Stand Candle 11.5oz

One Life Stand Candle 11.5oz

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Pear, Agave, Cherry Blossom

We only want to be your One Life Stand.

This captivating candle brings together the perfect blend of fresh and floral scents. The top notes of juicy pear and sweet agave create a crisp and invigorating aroma, while the marine accord adds a touch of oceanic freshness.

The heart of the Hot Chip inspired candle is filled with delicate cherry blossom powder, creating a soft and feminine scent that is both delicate and enchanting.

The base notes of dark musk and warm amber give One Life Stand a grounding and sensual finish that lingers long after the candle has been extinguished. Light this candle and be transported to a world of indulgence and tranquility, where the essence of life is captured in a single flame. It's the light that touches your heart.


Scent Profile

Top: Black Violet, Lavender, Sage

Middle: Saffron, Rasberry, Amber,

Base: Leather, Cyprus, Vetiver

All Natural Ingredients

  • 100% Sustainable Vegan Soy Wax
  • 100% phthalate-free
  • Lead-free cotton/paper wicks
  • Hand poured in Brooklyn NY

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Based on 32 reviews
Purple Rain Scented Candle 11.5oz
Gary Hunter (Cleveland, US)
Purple Rain Candle

Hi there, I just opened my package and the candle holder is chipped. What can be done to fix this as I ordered this candle for some friends that will be visiting from Australia on May 31st and I don’t want to gift a damaged item. Thanx~

Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear your candle arrived damaged. We check each item before they go out. Please send us a photo of the damaged item so we can file a claim with the post office. We will send out a replacement to be there before your friend arrives from Australia on the 31st.

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
Shawnaa Gilman (Honolulu, US)
Hawaiian Dreams 🤍

We first got these candles last year and have been addicted to them ever since 🏝️ We brought one to Maui this year to fill the condo with aromas of tropical delights! We love our Honokohau candles.

Thank you for your glowing review of our Honokohau Candle! We're so happy to hear that you continue to enjoy our tropical scents and brought one with you on your trip to Maui. Mahalo for your support and happy candle burning!

The label was slightly uneven, but love it. Smells amazing.

Thank you for your feedback! We're thrilled to hear that you love the scent of your candle! We apologize for the uneven label and appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We're always looking to improve, and your input helps us do just that. Enjoy the wonderful aroma of your candle, and thank you for choosing Brooklyn Wax Candle Co.!

Woodstock Candle 11.5oz
Kenneth Nystrom (Erie, US)

Great aroma! Lasts forever. Love it!

Thank you for your kind words about our Woodstock Candle! We're so happy to hear that you are enjoying the aroma and that it lasts a long time. We love it too! Thank you for your support.

Woodstock Candle 11.5oz
Christine (Encino, US)
A New Favorite

You won me over with your Lemoncello candle. Love the clean refreshing scent of Lemoncello. I must say you have out down yourself with Woodstock. Just walking past the unlit candle a earthy aroma of Palo Santo and a hint of sage is delightful.

Thank you for your positive feedback on our Woodstock Candle! Thank you for your support and we hope you continue to enjoy our products.

Incredibile candle’s!
The packaging makes this product great for gifting and the fragrance is a perfectly balanced.
Even when the candle is not burning it fills the room with a wonderful aroma.

Limoncello Scented Candle 11.5oz
Vivian F. (Queens, US)
Limoncello Gifts For All’ My Friends This Year!

I was at my daughter’s house a few weeks ago and she had a Limoncello candle burning in the kitchen. It smelled sooo good! It was lemon fresh and sweet like limoncello. I went home and bought 6 of them to give out as gifts. My friends are going to love them. Thanks Brooklyn Wax!

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our Limoncello Scented Candle as gifts for your friends. Thank you for your support and we hope your friends love the candles as much as you do. Have a great day! - Brooklyn Wax

Limoncello Scented Candle 11.5oz
Christine (Bakersfield, US)
Love, Love

Have enjoyed this candle’s aroma. Love the crisp lemon smell which is so fresh. Great hostess gift!

Montauk Candle 11.5oz
Cynthia Bene (Seattle, US)
Wonderful Candles!

I received 3 candles from Brooklyn Wax, and all 3 are wonderful. I'm very pleased and encourage anyone looking for a great candle, to check out Brooklyn Wax.

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
Nicole James (Brooklyn, US)
Not your average vacation scent - WAY better.

This vacation vibe is less like a bottle of sunscreen or a pina colada, and more like the smell of the lobby at a hotel you really can't afford to stay at. Vaguely woodsy, salty, and sandy, it smells like you haven't lit a candle, but your house is just really clean and expensive, and maybe Martha Stewart sometimes rents it as a vacation home when she stays in the city. Get this if you like the smell of the ACTUAL beach.

Limoncello Scented Candle 11.5oz
Nicole James (Brooklyn, US)
Literally smells like Limoncello. Like, exactly.

If you like the sweet, lemony smell of uncorking a jug of Limoncello after dinner in Italy, this is for you. There's no real translation needed - if you like the smell of Limoncello, you will love this. If you have heartburn, maybe consider the Modern Love. Amazingly warm, sweet, melty lemon smell, and the cheapest vacation to Italy you're going to find online today.

Modern Love Scented Candle 11.5oz
Nicole James (Brooklyn, US)
The perfect non-sweet fruit and flower candle

This candle smells FANTASTIC, whether it's lit or not.

The floral overtones are perfectly balanced by the woodsy, masculine undertones so that it doesn't come off cloying or sweet, but more like a lightly floral men's cologne. It's very androgynous. I often think someone sexy broke into my house before I realize I'm just standing near it.

You would probably like this if you like Diptyque's Baies fragrance, or Le Labo's The Noir fragrance.

Limoncello Scented Candle 11.5oz
Halie Graham (Brooklyn, US)

This is honestly the perfect candle. Lemony, with a really lovely buttery/cakey undertone. I've never smelled a candle like it. 1000/10

Modern Love Scented Candle 11.5oz
Clinton K. (New York, US)
Beautiful Balance

Bought this candle because I love the top notes (first 4 scents listed), but it offers a greater complexity than I had expected. It's refreshing but also slightly earthy, a little like a garden after a rain. Will definitely buy again.

I absolutely love this candle! The smell is absolutely divine. It’s bigger than I thought it would be. I’ve been burning it every night for a week and it still has over half its wax. I love the way the scent fills the room!

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
John Evans (South Lake Tahoe, US)
Amazing Candles

These are great candles. They are perfect for any situation. Whether alone or with friends, they create the perfect atmosphere.


The scent of Vida Paloma is delicious. It's the right balance of floral, fruity, and rich. Brooklyn Wax candles give off their beautiful aromas even when unlit, from across the room.

Vida Paloma Candle 11.5oz
Robbie Vilchez (New York, US)
Best Candle Ever!

I'm normally not a big candle guy, but I knew I needed this one in my life when I read the description. It did not disappoint!!! It smells amazing and through many burns, the wick and wax are holding up exceptionally well. I highly recommend and will surely be ordering more from Brooklyn Wax!

The scent that keeps on giving...

My candle has been here for 2 weeks giving off the most pleasant aroma, it makes me so happy.

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
Shawnaa Gilman (Thousand Oaks, US)
Such a Beautiful fragrance! Amazing candles

The fragrance blend is so soothing, I feel like I’m on a tropical island vacation. The coconut and sea salt is a perfect blend with subtle hints of sandalwood and cedar. Love the packaging. A must for my gift giving list!

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
Anonymous (Rochester, US)
This candle is a dream

I am in love with this candle. Lighting this up completely turned my night around! After a stressful week, I needed something relaxing and this was perfect.

The candles are also presented beautifully and shipped carefully in really nice packaging. I'll definitely be getting these as gifts moving forward.

Honokohau Scented Candle 11.5oz
E.D.M. (Oregon City, US)

Just recieved this beautiful heavenly scented Honokohau candle. It was delivered so quickly and packaged so well! Now I can begin my Staycation!

Purple Rain Scented Candle 11.5oz
Jami Smith (Glenford, US)
Like Prince, this candle is a whole vibe

Love the scent of this candle. It leaves a sweet smell in the room after burning, much like I imagine Prince did. Do you have a creative project to work on? Channel your inner genius, light this baby, and get to work on your masterpiece.

Modern Love Scented Candle 11.5oz
Jessica Scarbrough (Senoia, US)
Beautiful scent for the bedroom

Beautiful candle and beautiful scent for the bedroom! It compliments my space and decor perfectly! It smells amazing and I love the large size! I burn candles on a daily basis and these candles last for a long time and burn very clean.

Vida Paloma Candle 11.5oz
Jessica Scarbrough (Senoia, US)
Beautiful candle

This candle smells wonderful and looks absolutely stunning while burning! I have been burning it on my kitchen island and it’s the perfect fresh scent for my space! I love all the candles I have purchased from Brooklyn Wax but this is my favorite!

Inspired Small Batch Candles From Greenpoint Brooklyn NY

Welcome to Brooklyn Wax, a candle company based in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. Our mission is simple: to create inspired luxury candles that elevate your senses and bring joy to your everyday life.

Our founders, who come from creative backgrounds in television & design, started this company with a passion for crafting exceptional candles that pair well with the things they love - music, travel, cocktails, and food. We believe that scent is an integral part of the sensory experience, and our candles are designed to enhance the moments that matter most.

At Brooklyn Wax, we use only the finest natural ingredients to create our products. All our candles are made with A vegan soy wax blend and cotton wicks, ensuring you can enjoy a clean burn with every use. Our fragrances are carefully curated to provide you with a wide range of sophisticated and inviting scents.

We take pride in our candles being crafted in small batches right here in our Greenpoint workshop. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and consistency in everything we create. Each candle is hand-poured and inspected before it leaves our doors, so you can be confident that you're getting a truly exceptional product.

At Brooklyn Wax, we aim to create an elevated fragrance that brings you olfactory delight. Whether you're looking for a candle to set the mood for a cozy night in or to enhance a special occasion, we have something for everyone. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the magic of Brooklyn Wax.